Independent Escorts

Most escorts are part of an escort service. There are inherent benefits of belonging to such an organization, for example, you have access to a wider clientele base, you have financial backing and the marketing is handled for you. On the contrary, there are those that do not fit this particular mold. There are those that like to strike out on their own and work as freelancers. These are the independent escorts. They manage everything from their finances to their marketing. Independent escorts are growing ever popular for a wide variety of reasons and here are a few:

Profit Margins


An escort service serves the role of a middleman, and some escorts rightfully feel that their employers are cutting into their profit margins. When a woman works as an independent escort, she can receive all of the money that you earn and utilize it as you wish. An independent escort goes straight to the source. In most cases, an independent escort will have gathered a solid group of loyal customers who she knows will follow her if she decides to leave. Becoming an independent escort is a decision based on the advantages of being a freelancer carrying more weight than those of working with a service.

Flexible Work Hours

An independent escort is in much more control of her work hours than those that work for an escort service. The advantage of arranging your schedule is very attractive to those that have other interests such as school or family. Flexible working hours enable them to be involved in academics, or their loved ones live as well as work. An independent escort is one that has to be organized to get around working while pursuing other avenues. If she does not want to share the work the service gets with other escorts, if she is driven, can attract a lot of business her way.

Experience of Management

An escort may not be happy with the way the escort service he/she is currently in is operated. She or he may leave the service to be independent to get a better understanding of the industry. That way she can how to better work with customers and learn how the market is segmented. She can also learn how the logistics of the escort business works. An independent escort can learn a lot by striking out on her own which will come in handy someday when she decides to open her escort service.


Due to the number of escorts at an escort service, an escort may not be particularly attracting the jobs that he/she wants to. When he/she goes independent, there are no restrictions on the types of jobs she can agree to do. It may result in a period of experimentation where she finds out what exactly her niche is and what she likes. That should lead to her narrowing down or expanding her job description to include different jobs which should make her attract more business and eventually be more gratified with the work being done since it will be of her volition.